London Vacation Guide

London Vacation Guide

Labeled as vibrant, multicultural and exquisite, London remains as one of the desired destination of many tourist which never fails them dull/apathetic. Everywhere you lend your eyes, there is a special place and must-not-miss attraction for everybody, reasons why this wonderful city appeals to many people from any ages and races. Despite of the modernization and progress that occurred in the past few years, London has preserved its natural beauty and historical trademark, which was also innovated with modern ones, thus giving people unlimited places and choices to visit. If you are planning to have a wholesome family vacation, London is the best place where you can savor both the historical and modern flavor, and offering you the chance to enjoy and discover a great travel experience that you’ve been looking for. If you are a first time traveler and doesn’t know which or where to go in London, below is a comprehensive guide to assist you where to visit and spend your time in this beautiful city.Sexy London girl

London hotspot

To fully enjoy your London escapade, planning your itinerary in advance is the first thing to do, and so that that you’ll never miss anything. There are so much ‘going on’ in London, and there are so many landmarks and beautiful attractions that will amaze your eyes as you embark on our trip. Some of the places that you can see in this vibrant England capital includes the well-known ‘Tower of London’—a fortress that serves as a prison, palace and torture place during its thousand-year history. The tower house has served as the prison cell of ‘Sir Walter Raleigh’ and serves as the place for crown jewels collection and royal armories.

You can also visit the famous London Dungeon if you want to a unique entertainment. Here, you can watch live actors perform on stage, with rides and special effects which makes it more appealing not only for older people but also for your young ones. And since London was made known by the famous poet and dramatist Shakespeare, visiting the Globe Theater was a good idea to savor his memory. However, the theater was just a replica of the real structure which was built back in 16th century and was demolished in 1644. And now, with the theater was even made livelier as interactions, plays and events was being held in the place. Around the hotspot, you will also see different support areas for lobby, actors, restaurants and other amenities which makes it more special.

How to Navigate

The city has an up-to-date transport system. London has a widespread underground network which will take you to different parts of the city, and the cost will be charged on a ‘zone’ basis, thus making it easier to compute the total amount you would spend and what ticket to buy. There are also some ‘saver tickets’ which comes in a cheaper form. But if you are comfortable with traveling through London’s red buses, you can have the advantage of saving more money as it approximately cost £1 for central city journey.